Prolog Consult was created in 1997 in Brussels as a focal point for a growing network of associated consulting companies, non-governmental organisations and free-lance experts highly specialised in evaluation and related sectors of monitoring and audit. Prolog has been working on a continuous basis for the European Commission, UN agencies, the World Bank, government agencies and NGOs. Professional correspondents of Prolog are disseminated over 20 non-EU countries. Our database registers several hundred skilled and committed consultants throughout the world.

More specifically, the Prolog network aims at gathering relevant and readily available expertise, ranging from humanitarian aid in protracted, complex or ‘hidden’ crises, to transition and development. In the process, the evaluation activities of Prolog have reached core sectors of international co-operation, related to the opening of international trade flows, institutional strengthening and reforms, as well as democratisation, human rights and justice.


In this framework, our network is able to provide an integrated approach from ex-ante identification, feasibility studies, monitoring, to mid-term or ex-post audits and evaluations. Throughout the years Prolog has worked to improve the relevant methodological approaches, in compliance with widely recognised standards in the field of evaluation.

All Prolog consultants are fully acquainted with Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Analysis, and other assessment methodologies. In order to ensure a high quality to the services provided, Prolog experts are bound to respect a set of ethical rules defined in our Code of Conduct.