Prolog is looking, on a continuous basis, for new experts who can bring their skills and experience into our projects. We do in particular welcome applications from consultants with in-depth knowledge of relevant organisations such as the European Union, UN agencies, the World Bank, major donors and NGOs, and strong professional expertise –a pre-requisite for evaluation- in the following areas:









A standard format of CV (EC type) can be downloaded through the button below. Please fill it in and send it back to us. If your CV is already available in this required format, please send us simply your latest updated version, and keep us informed about any significant changes.

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  Emergency and humanitarian assistance sectors

• Health, nutrition
• Food aid, food security, livelihood activities
• Water and sanitation, shelter, rehabilitation
• Protection of refugees and IDPs
• Disaster preparedness, logistics

  Post-crisis recovery and transition sectors

• Demobilisation and reintegration
• Capacity building, good governance and democracy, human rights, child rights
• Community participation, integration of social cases and EVIs, gender issues
• Micro-economic analyses of sectors, income generating projects, urban /rural development.
• Regional development, macro-economic analyses of transition policies
• Environmental protection
• International procurement

  Institutional development

• Policy/strategy reviews, management of reforms
• Performance assessment, training
• Human resources management policy

  Justice and Home Affairs

• Immigration, asylum
• Children rights and children protection
• Borders cooperation, visas