EC/DG ADMIN: Evaluation of the Health and Medical Care Policy for the Commission. Evaluation of the medical services of the European Commission in Brussels, Luxembourg and Ispra. Provision of recommendations for a possible reorganisation of the services (October 2005 –July 2006).

EC/EAR (European Agency for Reconstruction): Formulation mission of the upcoming Institutional Support to the institutions of the Government of Serbia dealing with refugees and IDPs in 2006, for the CARDS programme – as a member company of the Transtec-led consortium for Lot 13. (May - June 2006)

EC/ECHO: Review concerning the establishment of a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps. Assessment of feasibility and management options for the creation of such a corps. (June 2005- February 2006)

EC/DG ADMIN: two successive projects: Assistance for an Internal Evaluation of the First exercise of the New Appraisal systems (CDR) and Promotion for Commission Staff and Evaluation of the Performance Appraisal and Promotion Policy for Commission Staff, in Brussels and Luxembourg. Overall assessment of the new Career Development Review in the framework of the Commission internal reforms, in all Commission Services. (July 2003 – July 2005).

EC/DG ADMIN: Review of the new Language Training Format in Luxembourg. Evaluation of efficiency and effectiveness of upgraded language training for Commission staff in the framework of the global reforms, for the main contractor GERMAX – Gerli GmbH. (March - December 2004)

EC/DG ADMIN: evaluation of the management of absence at work, vacation and leave for Commission staff. Team Leader. Assessment of the decentralised management of human resources throughout all of the 44 Commission Services in Brussels and Luxembourg, in the aftermath of MAP2000 (October 2002 - April 2003).

EC/PHARE: Training of 4 groups of 15 Estonian officials and EC Delegation staff in the fields of project preparation, management and monitoring (advanced level) and Evaluation of projects and programmes. Team Leader. The training includes the complete delivery of the theoretical notions of Project Cycle Management, Logical Framework Analysis and those relating to Evaluation as well as the preparation and practical examination of case studies by work groups. Main contractor: RaL (May - September 2001).

UNDP: Mali. Headquarters-based (with regular field trips) administrative and financial supervision and backstopping of the Procurement Advisor project at the Ministry of Health for the procurement of 69 million US$ of equipment and supplies under the Rural Health, Population and Hydraulics Programme (co-funded by IBRD, UNDP and EU, September 1994 to June 1996).