In case of disrespect of any of the above rules, the consultant or staff may be held accountable for his/her conduct. Prolog holds the right to terminate the contract forthwith and to inform the client accordingly.
In carrying out the evaluation for Prolog, the external consultant or staff shall:

act in respect of human rights laws, other relevant international laws and conventions whenever applicable, and abide by the national laws of the countries where the evaluation takes place;

be independent, impartial and neutral in all relevant circumstances;

not discriminate on grounds of race or ethnic origin, nationality, gender, disability, age or social status, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs while dealing with individual final beneficiaries or communities;

respect local cultures and traditions and behave accordingly; treat every actor involved in the evaluation with appropriate respect and dignity;

ensure confidentiality of all information to which access is granted for the purpose of the evaluation, save in so far as it may be deemed safe and necessary to do so by Prolog;

not accept payment or any other material reward, honour or services, directly or indirectly, in relation to the evaluation;

abide by the Six Core Principles for sexual behaviour edicted by the IASC;

strictly follow security arrangements and obey to the instructions of the leading Agency in charge of field security;

follow the professional ethic rules of competence, integrity and accountability, as applicable for the specific fields of expertise;

communicate immediately and fully to Prolog any conflict of interest that might arise while implementing the evaluation.